Parley – 72 Rosemary Avenue

Parley – 72 Rosemary Avenue

Parley, a vacation home in Rosemary Beach, Florida is a great place for a family seeking a relaxing beach vacation.

The front porch is guarded by this beautiful hibiscus!

The back courtyard is absolutely beautiful, with a bubbling fountain, flowers, trees, palmettos and more.

If you can’t relax on this porch, there is no hope!

This scrub oak covered boardwalk leads you to the beach in just a few steps.

It really doesn’t get any better than Parley at Rosemary Beach. For more information about this fabulous vacation home opportunity, go here: Parley, Rosemary Beach.


Take a Look at Barbarossa a Rosemary Beach Vacation Home

Take a Look at Barbarossa a Rosemary Beach Vacation Home

The Barbarossa home at 314 E. Water Street is a must consider if you have a large family beach vacation you are planning for.

The home has beautiful architecture and a lush courtyard with a wading pool. The entire home is nested among scrub oak trees, a common site among northwest Florida beach communities.

Most homes in Rosemary Beach have a flickering gas lamp on the porch. At night the entire community flickers beautifully. It’s such a relaxing site after a day on the beach.

This beautiful green common area is a few steps from the home. You can throw a frisbee with your children here or go a few steps more to enjoy the beach!

If you have had your fill of the sun, Rosemary Beach has a walkable downtown shopping and dining district!

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful family vacation home, including inside photos, go here: Barbarossa, Rosemary Beach.